MRS vs. MS

Difference Between MRS and MS

These are the titles by which women are called. There is a difference between the two. ‘Ms’ refers to a woman of whom we are not aware whether she is married or not. Such practice is becoming popular in UK as it has been quite popular in United States of America.

Mrs. on the other hand, is used for addressing a married woman. Mrs. is also used with the combination of husband’s name so as to refer to the wife for example Mrs. and Mr. John.  Mrs. can also be used to address a woman alone such as ‘Mrs. John’. The preference of using ‘Mrs.’ varies region to region. In some countries, only married women are addressed with the title ‘Mrs.’

A divorced woman too is addressed as ‘Ms.’. Any woman who is presently unmarried is called with the title ‘Ms.’ An old lady who is a bachelor is also addressed ‘Ms.’ However, in most cases, elderly women are addressed as Mrs.

A woman who is at the threshold of becoming adult, may be addressed with ‘Ms.’ A grown up girl may be addressed as ‘Ms.’ However, these rules are not strictly followed. In some cases of the use of ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Ms.’, the choice is of the person to be addressed or the person who addresses. But some rules for using Mrs. and Ms. should be followed when one is communicating in English.


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