Muslim vs. Arabs

Difference Between Muslim and Arabs

The words Muslim and Arabs are often confused. Many people think both of them the same and freely use them interchangeably. But they are different from each other. It is not compulsory that an Arab is Muslim and vice-versa. Muslim is the follower of Islam while Arab is a race of people. Both the words are used in different context. Arab is one who lives in the Arabian Region while Muslim is one who follows Islam. The word ‘Muslim’ is related to a religion while the word ‘Arab’ is related to a geographical region.

It should be kept in mind that Arabs speak their own Arab language while Muslims speak different languages. The misunderstanding between Arab and the Muslims is due to the fact that most of the people following Islam live in Arabian countries. Muslims are spread all over the world whereas Arab population lives mainly in Middle East region such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The Muslim Population is greater than the Arab population.

It is not necessary that an Arab is a follower of Islam. An Arab may be the follower of Christianity, Islam and Jewish. There are Jewish Arabs, Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs etc. But, Muslims are always the follower of Islam. A Muslim can be found living in any part of the world. So, they are called as Indian Muslim, American Muslim and an Arab Muslim. We conclude that an Arab may not be a Muslim while a Muslim may be an Arab.

Thus, it is clear that there is a vast difference between the two terms. Generally people use the title, ‘Muslim country’ for an ‘Arabic country’. Pakistan is a Muslim state but by no means they are Arab.


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