Nationalism vs. Imperialism

Difference Between Nationalism and Imperialism

Nationalism and Imperialism are two different terms. The difference between the two should be clear. The concept of nationalism is based on aggressiveness.  Imperialism on the other hand is not aggressive. It is constructive concept. On the other hand nationalism inculcates a feeling of pride in one’s own nation. In nationalist point of view one’s own country is superior to all other countries. Thus nationalism begets enmity among nations.

George Orwell says that nationalism has its roots in emotions and rivalry towards the opponent. It has no consideration for the virtues of other countries and its people who have the same emotions towards other countries. Nationalism is so rooted that one is blind towards the progress made by other countries. He thinks only his own nation is great while all others are inferior to it. But it may be untrue.

Such thoughts have no place in the point of view of imperialism. A nationalist is a person who turns a blind eye to the weakness of his country and highlights only the virtues. On the other hand he does not see the virtues of other countries. He only sees their weakness.

In nationalism, one loves his own country and ties to dominate other country in an aggressive way. In imperialism, economic inequality among states prevails. Unequal relationship based on domination is certainly maintained in imperial system. This is the difference between the two.

Nationalism makes use of linguistic environment and cultural background to achieve unity. On the other cultural background and linguistic environment are not given much consideration in imperialism.


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