Navman vs. Tomtom

Difference Between Navman and Tomtom

GPS devices are manufactured by two leading companies NAVMAN and TOMTOM. However, it’s not an easy task to distinguish between the two. The device market empowered by GPS is regulated by the trio Garmin, NAVMAN and TOMTOM. Steadfast and dependable GPS enabled devices are made by TOMTOM and NAVMAN that have a simple user interface. One can choose between the two devices after keeping in mind one’s budget. But sensibility lies in choosing a device according to the features one needs rather than going by the price.

Talking of design, TOMTOM is ahead of NAVMAN with its slender and creative look. The products of NAVMAN have an absurd design that is hard to carry in the pocket whereas the products of TOMTOM are hip and loud. TOMTOM in unclear weather condition responds slower than NAVMAN. Both show more efficiency in clear climates. Both have a pool of POI (points of interest) but NAVMAN has a weak presence in the market of North America.  Most POI have to be downloaded from the official site of TOMTOM, hence it becomes problematic for the user.

NAVMAN’s models are cheaper than those of TOMTOM.  So we can conclude that NAVMAN is a better choice with just one negative aspect: its lags behind in North America while TOMTOM is time-honored there with good sales.


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