No one vs. Nobody

Difference Between No one and Nobody

‘No one’ and ‘No body’ are often confused in English. Speaker of English sometimes use them interchangeably. They should know the different in their usage. The word ‘nobody’ is used like ‘nothing’ or ‘no one’. In the sentence, ‘Nobody cares for him’ the word ‘nobody’ refers to ‘not a single one’. The preposition ‘of’ does not precede ‘no one’. For example,

No one wants to attend the meeting

No one likes to be abused.

No one had the time to listen.

In these sentences the word ‘no one’ is not followed by ‘of’. On the other hand ‘none’ followed by ‘of’.

No one is the long form of ‘none’. On the other hand ‘no body’ too is not followed by the preposition ‘of’. ‘no body’ is used in the present tense. ‘No one’ is used often in past tense. Sometimes, no one is used in the present tense. It is when the speaker is not sure about what he says. For example,

No one speaks the truth.

In the above sentence the word ‘no one’ is used in the present tense because the speaker surely knows the fact as per his experience of life. Thus ‘no one ‘ is used in present tense. Other example of this is ‘No one smokes in office.’ Here too is speaker is sure of the fact and uses ‘no one’ in present tense. So, these are the differences between no one and no body.


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