Nook vs. Kindle electronic book readers

Difference Between Nook and Kindle electronic book readers

Kindle and Nook are electronic book readers. They are from the largest book store which provides online books. Now one need not go to library to have books issued. The electric mode of books has changed the world of books. Barnes and Noble Nook aunched electronic book reader in the year 2009. Amazon launched its latest version in August 2010.

Both the book readers use different platform. Nook eBook is based on Android while Kindle is based on Amazon platform. Nook can be operated by touch screen and is colored. It can be connected to any Wi-Fi and 3G network. For downloading, Kindle can be connected to Amazon 3G network and nay Wi-Fi.

Kindle is suitable for reading newspapers while Nook is specially built for book reading. The Amazon content used by Kindle comes in AZW format. Any content may be converted into this format through emailing to Amazon. On the other hand Nook eBook supports the Adobe pdf format.

Nook has colored screen which reduces the reading time. It reduces the time by on third as compared to the Kindle eBook reader. Another difference is that Nook can be used only in US while Kindle can be used in more than one hundred countries. Nook is more liked for its color screen. Barnes and Noble are in the business of eBook before Amazon entered the field. So, they are more expert in eBooks than Amazon.


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