Normal Edition vs. Special Edition Twilight Books

Difference Between Normal Edition and Special Edition Twilight Books

All the Twilight fans would love to have special edition and normal edition books which are among the bestsellers.

Normal Edition Twilight Books

Normal edition books are the first editions in the series or you can say the first published version of the books written by Stephenie Meyer and published since 2005. The purpose of normal book editions is to introduce the story of the novel and you can buy these books for their content.

Special Edition Twilight Books

Special edition are published later and you can see that the hard bound ones was published in 2010.  The series was also published and was available as e-book in June 2010. It was just few days after the release of the hard bound version of the Eclipse installment. Yen Press also came up with the graphic version in March 2010.

The Normal Edition vs. the Special Edition Twilight Books

  • Though both these books have same storyline but the way they are printed and print quality of these books are different from each other.
  • Normal edition is soft-bound while special edition is usually hard-bound.
  • In special edition you would find the paper to be glossier and thicker in comparison to the normal edition books.
  • Both have different  font size and styles

To summarize we can say that normal edition twilight books are purchased for their content and story while special edition Twilight Books are published after the readers have already read the story and content of the books.


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