Noun vs. Adjective

Difference Between Noun and Adjective

Both noun and adjective are the parth of speech in English.  Noun is the name of a person, place or a thing. On the other hand an adjective adds something new in the meaning of a noun. In other words an adjective qualifies a noun. This is the main difference between the two. Examples of nouns are given in the sentence below.

John is my friend.

                Alice helps me a lot.

In these sentences John and Alice are both the names of person. So they are nouns. Nouns can be common such as:

Birds fly

He likes flowers

In the above sentences birds and flowers are common nouns as there is no specific bird is mentioned and no specific flower is mentioned.

Noun may have vrbal qualities. In other words a verb can be converted into a noun and vice versa. For example ‘singing’ and ‘listening’. The word ‘singing’ and ‘listening’ are gerunds which have all the qualities of a noun. The verb ‘dance’ is derived from the noun ‘Dancer’.

An adjective gives extra information about a noun. For example,

She likes red red shirt.

He hates fried rice.

In the above sentences ‘shirt’ and ‘rice’ are the nouns. The word ‘red’ gives extra information about the shirt and the word ‘fried’ gives extra information about ‘rice’. So, they are called adjectives.

Thus the difference between a noun and adjective is clear. One is the qualifier while another is qualified.  Noun is the name of someone or something while adjective gives extra information about it.


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