Difference Between ODT And DOCX

When you save a file from Microsoft Word 2010 format Open Document Text (ODT), and then reopen it in Word 2010, you may notice some differences in formatting between the Word 2010 version and the Open Document version. You may also notice the difference when you open an Open Document file in Word 2010. That’s because the file formats support different functions.

Note: The differences you may notice when you work with two file formats for all the formatting and features available. Data and content is converted, but how to format and manage data and content can vary between styles.

To change the default file formats to or from ODF or Open XML (or other formats), do the following:

1. Click on the tab Archive.

2. Click Options during Help.

3. Click Save and then click the file format you want as default in the Save list files under this format while saving documents.



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