Of vs. From

Difference Between Of and From

Of and From are two words or rather prepositions that are used with the difference. The preposition of is used in the genitive or possessive case while the preposition From is used in ablative case. Examples of sentences in which the abovementioned prepositions are used and are

1. The people of this country are very generous.

2. The fruits fall from the tree.

In the first sentence, the preposition Of is used in the genitive or possessive case, while in the second sentence the preposition From is used in the ablative case. This is the difference between the uses ‘Of’ and ‘From’.

The use of the word Of indicates ‘possession’ while the use of the word From denotes ‘the distance’ as in the examples

1. This is the book of Fredrick.

2. He came from Japan.

In the first sentence the use of word Of indicates ‘possession’. On the other hand the use of the word From in the second sentence says ‘distance’. This is another important difference between the two prepositions OF and FROM.

The word From is often followed by another preposition in sentences like

1. I traveled from London to New York.

2. I went from my house to the temple.

In both sentences the word is followed by the preposition ‘to’. In addition to the preposition is often replaced by an apostrophe, as in sentences

1. Fredrick’s house is far off.

2. John’s book is lost.

In both of the sentences the preposition is replaced by an apostrophe. The preposition from is used when you want to describe the movement of a person or object from one place to another.


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