Organic Compound vs. Inorganic Compound

Difference Between Organic Compound and Inorganic Compound

Both the organic and inorganic substances are entirely different in nature as well as composition. It was believed earlier that the  chemical substances in living organisms differed fundamentally from those in non-living things as it was believed that chemicals produced by living organisms had vitality or rather had the breath of life. However, in 1823, German scientist Friedrich Wohler proved the fact that there lies certain relationship between the compounds of living as well as non-living objects. This paved the way for the distinction between organic and inorganic compounds that resulted in the concept that organic compounds are those that have the element carbon as one of its major constituent. Wohler showed that the principles of chemistry are well followed both in the case of compounds found in living organisms as well as non-living objects. Yet there are important differences between organic and inorganic speakers listed below.


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