Pancreatic Cancer vs. Pancreatitis

Difference Between Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatitis

Both Pancreatic Cancer and Pancreatitis are the names of two different sicknesses that concern the pancreas-which is an abdominal organ located below the stomach and helps in secreting enzymes like exocrine for the food digestion (exocrine) and hormones like insulin and glucagon to keep a check on the blood sugar. The disturbance of pancreas by the pancreatic enzymes or bile (which commutes through the pancreatic canal) leads to inflammation. The enzymes endeavor to digest the pancreatic cells and as a result acute pancreatitis takes place. Pancreatitis which is commonly mistaken as a cancer can be classified into acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis. It is the chronic pancreatitis which in some circumstances runs the risk of resulting in pancreatic cancer.

The patients of pancreatitis suffer from severe abdominal pain along with a feeling of nausea and reduced appetite. The patient gets a little relief when he leans forward. Alcohol consumption, presence of gall stones makes the chances of pancreatitis quite high. Since there are no clear-cut treatment for acute pancreatitis administration of pain killers and fluid management are used as treatment.

Unlike the pancreatitis which can be detected at an early stage, the pancreatic cancer may not be detected till it is very late. Pancreatic cancer which is one of the worst types of cancer is the cause of death for about 95% of the patient with this disease. Patients suffering from pancreatic cancer generally die within 5 years. This cancer is more frequent in males than females. The risk is increased by smoking and drinking. Generally it takes place when a person is quite old approximately over 60 years.


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