Pans vs. Skillets

Difference Between Pans and Skillets

Pots and Skillets are the two types of cookware that are used for different purposes. They are often confused as being referring to one and the same cookware. It is interesting that the skillets are also referred to as frying pans too.

One of the main differences between the skillet and pots is that a stove is not in appearance deeper as a casserole. A pan is not shallow but deep, while a pan is shallow and hence termed as a frying pan

Another important difference between a skillet and a pan is that a skillet has a long handle whereas a pan does not posses any handle. Skillet is used to fry food quickly while a pan used to cook food slowly. In other words we can say that the purpose of using a skillet for cooking is not to cook it slow, but for fast food. On the other hand you can cook at ease and with a lot of leisure time since it is primarily meant for slow cooking.

Items that you can fry or cook in a pan are different from those that can be fried or cooked on a skillet. You can cook shots pork, potato pancakes or soft shell crabs as well as pepper and onions. On the other hand you can cook chicken cutlets, mushrooms and burgers.

The pan and the skillet also differ from each other in terms of equipment used in their implementation. Copper is mainly used in the creation of a pan. In fact copper picks up the heat immediately and simultaneously loses heat as soon as the pan is removed from the stove. On the other hand a skillet is usually made of iron and as a result it does not cool significantly soon. It is interesting to note that the handles of wood are used in both the pan and skillet.


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