Panther vs. Cheetah

Difference Between Panther and Cheetah

Panther and cheetah that are found in countries all over the world are carnivores that feed on animals of various sizes like deer, pigs, giraffes and buffalos. Apart from the fact that hunting is their only method of sustenance, they are lone hunters.


The word panther specifically points out to the Black Panther who due to the supremacy of its melanism allele is called so. The pattern of the skin is black and it camouflages the pattern of the skin. While they are stealth predators by nature and get their prey by attacking tactically rather than aggressively they themselves prefer to stay camouflaged in a forest environment.


Basically large cats with yellowish brown skin with numerous black spots a cheetah is the fastest living land animal with a short burst of speed up to 75 miles per hour. It adopts an aggressive approach to kill and get its prey by pursuing it and uses its unrivaled speed to do so. These animals prefer to hunt and live in open spaces.

These two animals are totally different in all aspects, like hunting style, skin color, and physical attributes. When panthers are more quiet and stealthy style of hunting, cheetahs are very aggressive. On one hand where panthers live by camouflaging in the jungle environment cheetahs tend to hunt and stay in the open. While there is no one who runs faster than cheetah panthers are slower and are shrewder.


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