Pantyhose vs. Stockings

Difference Between Pantyhose and Stockings

Pantyhose and stocking are both leg wear that women put on to enhance the appearance of their legs. These women garments are tight fitting although some are loose fitting, but they are worn for a variety of reasons. Some women wear them with their dresses when they visit social functions that call for a formal dress code, or some women wear them as part of their regular attire. These leg wears are easy to put on and usually starts with slipping each foot inside the bottom part of the pantyhose or stocking.

Pantyhose are snug and comfortable fitting, and they have an elastic band at the waistline. They are made from a nylon finish material that is very soft and stretchable. They can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes. Colors such as brown and black are basic, but more decorative colors of pink, yellow, blue and green are also available. Sizes range from petite to 2XXL or larger. A fashion beauty store carries all types’ designer pantyhose.  They sell a mixture of pantyhose that regular stores do not sell and this includes stockings, and knee hi stocking as well.

Stockings differ from pantyhose in several ways. Unlike pantyhose, stockings are not all over hosieries; the elastic band stops at the thigh. While pantyhoses are one unit, stockings come in pairs, one for each leg.  Stockings that do not have an elastic band at the top, uses a special strap that keeps them from slipping down the leg. Stocking like pantyhose comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Both of these leg wears are hand washable, and can be air-dried. They are not very expensive, and they can be worn several times at least until they get a tear or a run.


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