Parakeets vs. Lorikeets

Difference Between Parakeets and Lorikeets

Parakeets and lorikeets both belong to a particular species of parrots that means they are quite similar. However they have a set of differences that people should know so that there is no confusion.


Parakeets generally have small or medium sized body along with long tail feathers and a trim body. In fact any small parrot with a slim body and a long tail is called a parakeet as for example like the ring necked parakeets, Monk parakeets and Lineolated parakeets Budgerigar etc.


Lorikeets are belong to the parrot family and have small and medium sized body. They are distinguished by their brush tongues and bright plumage. They possess unique tongues and feed on nectar. Generally found in Australia, New Guinea, Timor Leste etc there are some species of lorikeet that are endangered e.g. the Ultramarine lorikeet and the Blue lorikeet.

Parakeets feed on seeds and the lorikeets eat nectar and pollen. While parakeet is quite a very broad term, lorikeet is a parakeet as it has similar size and long tail feathers. However all parakeets do not have the specialized longue of the lorikeets. Lorikeets are very expensive and they need a lot of care while keeping them as pets as compared to parakeets. Lorikeets have clownish behavior and a capacity to mimic; so keeping them is fun, however the cleaning part is quite messy. Both of them are beautiful, colorful and funny species and good to keep as pets. However lorikeets are much more expensive then parakeets.


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