Passport vs. Visa

Difference Between Passport and Visa

The two terms passport and Visa are used in terms of foreign travel. These are two very different terms. Passport is a document that is related to travel unlike the viva which is a sort of permission.

Passport is a document that helps to identify a person. However visa is a sort official permission granted officially by a government to stay in a particular country. It consists of details regarding the country where the concerned person is born and the address of residence.

A national government issues an individual passport as a sort of travel document that helps to determine the nationality and the identity of the passport holder. Visa is another official document which permits a person officially to take entry in a country.

Visa is issued by a government official of that specific country that one is visiting. There are different types of passport like the official passport, ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, temporary passport, family passport etc. The various types visa are business visa, tourist visa, temporary worker visa, transit visa, student visa etc.


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