Past Life vs. Present Life

Difference Between Past Life and Present Life

Past life and this life are two terms used figuratively, but with a different reason. Past life refers to incidents that occurred in the life of a person in the past. On the other present life refers to incidents that occur in a person’s life in the present. This is the main difference between the past life and this life.

The past life is all about the things that had happened in the past, whereas present life is all about the incidents that occur in the present. It is often said that we should not brood about the past. It only means that we should not complain about the incidents that have occurred or the problems that we have faced in the past or some time ago or a before a long period of time. Psychologists believe that if a person broods over for long over past incidents, he tends to become pensive.

On the other hand rejoicing or developing the right attitude towards the present life is very essential in order to develop mental toughness. Past life need not be the same as the present life. For example, the past life of a celebrity might now be filled with tragedies and poverty but then in the present life the same celebrity may be filled with happiness and glory. Thus in most instances past life is a lot different from present life.

Past life gives rise to the reminiscences while on the other hand present life provides us with many important experiences of life. Past life gives rise to the memories while the present life gives rise to feelings such as happiness and repentance. Past life can always be narrated or retold while one can know about the present life only through the occurrence of incidents or events. these are the differences between the past life and present life.


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