Pepperoni vs Salami

Difference between Pepperoni and Salami

People who love sandwiches and pizzas must be aware of the two most popular sausages, pepperoni and Salami. These add a special flavor to the food they are used in. Some people are absolutely crazy about the flavors of these sausages and they love to have them in different flavors in the different dishes they eat.

Both of these sausages have Italian origin. Salami was a sausage that was eaten by the Italian farmers. They used this for fermenting the meat so that they could use it for long period of time. Salami has travelled too far from the farms of Italy and now is popular in the entire world and is loved by pizza lovers.

This cured sausage is prepared by selecting a preferred type of meat like pork, beef, veal or poultry and fermenting the meat after adding salt, minced fat, white pepper, salt, garlic and other mild herbs to develop the flavor. Because of its nutritional value it is a great option for the main course. Salami is prepared in a variety of flavors and new varieties can be created by adding special ingredients. One slice of Salami may have calories equal to three or four slices of other meats like Turkey. This is why the servings of Salami are usually small.

Pepperoni is also a kind of salami which is more spicy and dry than the regular salami. This is also made from the same meats and has similar caloric values. Thus the main difference between salami and pepperoni is in the quantity of spices and dryness of the sausage.