PG Dip vs. PG Certificate

Difference Between PG Dip and PG Certificate

The PG Dip and PG are two certificate courses offered by many universities around the world to students who want to gain specialization in a particular subject. Both courses are obviously different from each other.

It is important to know that the PG Dip courses must be studied for a minimum period of one year. In many cases you should make studies of 2 years to complete the course of PG Dip. To receive a PG Dip in Library Science student should study for 2 years. It depends on the requirements made by the various universities.

It is important to know that both the PG Dip the Post graduate Certificate, are not generally available at colleges. Universities, as part of their graduate programs, offer these courses. It is interesting to note that these two courses are also offered as part of distance education as well.

On the other hand the PG Certificate is designed for a minimum period of 6 months to a maximum duration of one year. It depends on the chosen subject of study for the certificate course. For example a PG course in basic French may be for a duration of 6 months to complete to have the knowledge required for the PG Dip in advanced French. This is the main difference Between the PG Dip and PG certificate courses.

The course of PG Dip is normally available for topics such as library science, languages, geology, applied mathematics, applied economics, education, music, dance, painting, drawing and other similar courses. PG certificate courses are also available for the subjects mentioned above, but as a sort of crash course. The course can be completed in about six months. These are the main differences between the two courses, namely, the PG Dip and PG certificate.




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