Pollination vs. Fertilization

Difference Between Pollination and Fertilization

Fertilization as well as pollination refer to two completely different processes of producing offsprings, although Pollination is only applicable to some plants while the latter is applicable to almost all living creatures in this world. While one can explain the differences between pollination and fertilization, it is better to take a closer look first.


Pollination refers to a process of reproduction in flowering plants. The word comes from word ‘pollen’, which is basically the sperm of the plant. The pollen gets into contact with the stigma of the plant and the process of fertilization begins. It is basically what sex is to plants. The pollination process was discovered in the 18th century by a man named Christian Sprengel.


Fertilization is the act of coming together and fusing of gametes to produce an offspring. A male gamete or sperm fertilizes the female gamete or egg and this result in the creation of a child; it will be same concept for animals or plants. For flowers, this happens only when there is a successful fusion of male and female gametes. Fertilization, however is a process that takes place both in case of plants as well as animals
How does Pollination differ from Fertilization?

Pollination and fertilization are different and pollination causes fertilization fertilization. Pollination is actually a process in which the pollens get transferred to the stigma. It can be either self pollination or can be cross pollination. Cross pollination occurs in case of plants where external agents, such as animals, people or the wind facilitates the transfer of pollen to the stigma. While pollination applies only to flowering plants, as pollens are produced in plants alone. Fertilization is a term that can be applied to almost all living organisms in nature and there can be no fertilization if there is no pollination.

Pollination and fertilization are the two naturally occurring process of reproduction in plant and animals. It must be kept in mind that fertilization is caused by pollination and fertilization not only applies to plants only.





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