Practicable vs. Practical

Difference between practicable and practical

If you get confused while using two words Practicable and Practical then this article can be helpful to you in understanding the difference between them.

Practicable is a word which is used when we talk about the plans which can be executed or which have the possibility of being carried out. Practical is a word which is used as an antonym of theoretical. For example, practical knowledge of doing a task or practical aspects of a thought or an idea tell you that we are talking about something which exists in reality and is not just a thought or a concept.

You must have noticed that a person who believes in realistic things and who works in accordance with the ideas which are possible in reality is known as a practical person. Anything which is practical can be put to action and a practical person thinks and believes in things which can be put to action instead of making speculations about it.

Practicable is also used when we talk about the usability of something. For example, when we say that the bridge is practicable for light traffic, we mean that passage of only light traffic is possible over this bridge.

These words are used interchangeably because their meanings are quite close to each other.