Prayer vs. Supplication

Difference between prayer and supplication

The words prayer and supplication have a noticeable difference between them. The major difference between prayer and supplication is that prayer is the tribute poured on god and supplication is a kind of prayer where one requests the god to fulfill his desire.

A prayer is described as the tradition of description of god; on the other hand supplication is not described by the tradition of description of god. Supplication is a simple meek request put in front of God.

Prayer includes praising the characters and supremacy of the almighty while supplication does not involves describing the power and dominance of God. At the time of offering prayer, you like to thank the god for the good thongs and favor he has conferred upon you and for all your loving ones. At the same time, you would not thank the God for what he has done to you while you would request him to give you some more thing that would be advantageous for you or your beloved one.

Supplication not only involves the beneficial of a single man but also for the beneficial of all people in general. Thus, many of us can see quotes which include requests for welfare of a community or general mankind.

The other major difference among prayer and suffocation is that prayer concentrates on the specialties of God. Supplication is not required to be focused on the superiorities of God. It can be a mere request made to the God without any description of the supremacy.