Pre-History vs. History

Difference Between History and pre-history

History and prehistory are some of the terms read by student in books, and the differences between the two very much obvious. In a nutshell, History is the written record of events and human affairs whereas Prehistory refers to the events before any recording facilities and instruments were available.

Prehistory is the precursor of the terms prehistoric man, prehistoric events, etc. Historians, geologists, and scholars refer to this when no other means to write down history was available to the people. It refers to the time when the universe was created and when humans first existed on earth. To better assist scientists and classify ancient artefacts and events to a certain period, they have constructed a three- age system in which prehistory was divided: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. There are no written accounts in Prehistory.

History,on the other hand,is characterized by the presence of written records and other historical texts written during their periods. One of the greatest empires with written records will include the Mughal Empire in India and many more other empires around the globe. History refers to the chronological records of a nation or state. One can then safely conclude that history is the formal documentation of important events and human affairs.

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