Prerequisite vs. Requisite

Fundamental differences between Prerequisite and Requisite

Prerequisite and requisite, sound like a good rhyme doesn’t it? Yes indeed but all the same the two words have been continually been misused in language for quite some time now. The differences between the two words are however very small since all are used in the correct context to mean conditions or qualifications. The basic meaning possessed by the word prerequisite that makes its contextual usage in language different is that the word is used to describe that, for a certain action or event to take place; certain terms have to be fulfilled. For example in matters of education it is prerequisite any student to have attained appropriate grades before enrolling to a given degree program. On the other hand the term requisite is used in a statement to mean the absolute necessities of the actual event or action that is being executed if indeed it will yield good results. For example in education, it is absolutely necessary or for that matter requisite for a student to posses certain characteristics that will ultimately help him or her complete this particular course successfully.

The general use of the term prerequisite also advances forward to the job market. It is very common for job postings to move in outlining prerequisites for candidates applying for that particular job. What this means here is that, certain terms but in this case qualifications which are normally indicated must be fulfilled if the concerned candidate is going to apply for that job in the first place. What prerequisites do is that they create a standard that can be used to evaluate the prospective employee’s ability to efficiently do the job on offer in case he or she is picked.

Requisite on the other hand can be seen to involve generally the vital things that are absolutely necessary in life and its undertakings or even in some cases the basic attribute required in good computer software and the process of writing it if the two will demonstrate complete success ultimately. In other words, requisite are the essential elements that have to be in place if a good result in a given activity will be achieved. The use of requisites also may advance to sentences where in most occasions it will be used to describe verbs in a sentence while its figure of speech remains a noun.