Presidents vs. The Homeless

A difference of hiarachies: Presidents and the homeless

Hierarchies are basically an arrangement of items (objects, names, etc.) in which these items are represented as being “above”, “below” or “at the same level” as one another.

In most societies, especially in human societies, hierarchies are always present. Those who are at the top of the structure are mostly those who are in power, in some countries, the President or the King (one who presides, who sits in leadership). On the other hand, those who are in the bottom of the structure are those individuals who are homeless. However, despite those inferiorities, they both share one similarity. They are human beings living on the same planet.

The President of a country has an obligation to lead his nation, towards progression/improvement, prosperity to all of his people. He must be an inspiring example for the Nation’s citizens. He also has the power to influence Congress in its lawmaking. The president is concerned with such things as unemployment, high prices, taxes, business profits, and the general prosperity of the country. He does not control the economy, but is expected to help it run smoothly, while homeless people can do whatever they want to do. However, they are unable to maintain a stable and adequate housing. Likely, they end up wandering on the streets begging for money. Most homeless people are those “unwilling” to cope-up and those who are mentally challenged.

Persons who are homeless do not have personal wealth. They were born that way, the poorest of the poor. Every day is a struggle for them to survive. Then again, a president has more wealth of an average individual to have an optimal lifestyle. Sadly, in some countries, the President usually takes benefit leading to corruption and poverty.

There are qualifications in order to become a President of a country. First, one must be capable and knowledgeable and highly educated enough to run a country. In some countries, the President should at least have a master’s degree. Homeless persons on the other hand, mostly have no educational degrees, but also a few well educated people become homeless due to a sudden twist on their life.


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