Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker

Difference between pressure cooker and slow cooker

Pressure cooker and slow cooker are different types of cookers which are used for cooking food in two different styles. When you need to cook something very fast, you use pressure cooker and when you want something to be cooked slowly over a period of some hours then you use slow cookers.

In a pressure cooker the food is cooked at high pressure which is created inside the cooker with the presence of liquid. The high pressure increases the temperature rapidly which cooks the food very fast. In case of slow cooker or the crock pots, as they are known in US the temperature is built slowly

Pressure cookers work perfectly for the food like meat which should have the perfect brown color. This is not possible in case of slow cooker. Slow cooker is used when you want the food to be cooked slowly. For example you may go to your office and leave the food in the slow cooker and when you come back home it would be ready to eat. The food will never be overcooked if you use slow cooker.

Both these cookers have their own advantages and disadvantages and you may opt to use either of them as per your requirement and the food which is to be cooked.



  • I’ve had my slow cooker for years and it’s perfect for cooking food for when my husband comes home late at night. I want to thank you for the information regarding the pressure cooker, my friend told me about them and I was wondering the benefits.

  • Stephane

    I recently bought a pressure cooker with the help of Cook With Pressure reviews. I wanted a pressure cooker because I didn’t want to cook away all the nutrients because slow cookers tend to do that. If you care about that that’s another thing to consider.