Problem vs. Symptom

Difference between a problem and a symptom

Problems and symptom are considered as same by most or almost all people, but both words are much different from each other. A problem can be solved as it has a solution for it, while a symptom assists to recognize a problem.

Both words can be best described in medical grounds. Many diseases are problem for the health of a human being which is recognized by a symptom. The symptoms help the doctors to make out the possible problem relating to health.

Thus, it can be concluded that problem and symptom are associated rather than synonymous in quality. Problem and symptom sticks to each other. The word “problem” is used with a purpose of obtaining a solution for it. At the same time, the word symptom is used with the aim of treating the symptom.

Moreover, if a symptom is known, one will try to know whether the symptom continues to exist or is treated completely. On the other hand, if a problem is recognized then there will be an attempt to solve the problem by finding out a solution.

Thus, it can be known that a symptom and problem is not knowingly wished by anyone. Without solving, a problem cannot be removed and it remains as a problem all time. On the other hand, if a symptom is not cured or diagnosed than it will not remain same as it was diagnosed earlier but it will increase further as time passes.

In math subject, for the task of solving sums, the term “problem” is used to recognize the questions.