Protectorate vs. Colony

Difference Between Protectorate and Colony

A colony can be termed as a region that is owned by a country. However it is not by any means a part of the country. It is a group of people creating a sort of settlement in a nation, but is under the rule of some other country. As far as history is concerned a protectorate did fall under British control, but used to be independent states. But they were a part of the British Empire.

A protectorate is a nation in itself- a region that is under a government rule but it depends entirely on another country as far as protection against invasion from some other country is concerned. There is autonomy prevalent in a protectorate –n which has its own way of doing things. It is self-made, autonomous and does not depend upon any other country for its internal matters. It is only in the matter of protection from invasion does it depends on other countries. A protectorate is controlled by a stronger state but is autonomous as far as internal affairs are concerned. Protectorates are made known in a treaty between two countries.

A protectorate is under the control of a ‘protector’ however the colony is under the control of a ‘colonizer’.

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