Pupil vs. Student

Difference Between Pupil and Student

Since the childhood, till a person completes his academic life, he/she is regarded as a pupils or a student. To many people, the term student and the term pupil mean one and the same. But as far as the exact meaning of the two terms is concerned, there is a slight difference between the two.

Pupil is any person in the learning stage of any subject or language or lesson, personally supervised by a teacher (either private or school teacher), who already has a lot of knowledge in that particular subject. On the other hand, a person falls under the category of a student, when he/she studies in an educational institution (school, college, university etc) for the purpose of gaining knowledge regarding a particular subject or topic for a certain span of time.  A person can be a pupil to a teacher who can either be a private tutor or a school teacher too.

In short, all pupils are students, but all students are not pupils due to the fact that student is a very broad term, while pupil denotes a much specific class students. There are many reasons why a person can be a pupil, one of these being that he/she might require additional help in a particular specialized subject or he/she might be too young to be a regular student in an educational institution. There is no particular age for a person to be regarded as a student because there is no end to learning.

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