Queen Size vs. Double Size

Difference Between Queen Size and Double Size

Double and Queen are different sizes of comforters/bed. People often show great concern on the design of the bed as it is directly linked to relaxation and thus it is one of the most vital household stuff. These beds are easily available in different sizes in the market, but you must know how much space you have at home before investing in it.

The queen bed is longer and wider in dimension than the double bed which is perfect for the smaller rooms in the house. The double bed fits perfectly into smaller rooms and looks odd in larger rooms. However queen beds fit in the larger rooms like guest rooms and main bed rooms. Two adults can rest comfortably in a queen bed. Double bed will suit two young adults,  with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Queen bed comes with a center leg, whereas the center leg is absent in double bed. Queen beds are costlier than double beds. They are so costly as they come with the additional feature of comfort.

These standards and the unit of measurement vary according to region. Also it is interesting to note that in U.K. and Ireland, Queen size bed is known as King. They have King and Super King.

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