Raven vs. Writing Desk

Difference Between Raven and Writing Desk

In the novel Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll, a riddle is presented by Hatter the rabbit. The riddle questions, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” This might sound like an outrageous question but those who have already watched the movie might not feel the same. The ironical part is that the answer to this riddle is not given out even at the end of the movie, it remains a mystery. Hatter the rabbit asks Alice in the movie if she had worked out the answer to the riddle. But Alice had not even the slightest of clue to it.

Absurdly, Hatter retorts that neither did he have any clue to the answer. But what’s even more bizarre, is that the writer to this novel too has no idea to the answer! After having asked repeatedly about the riddle he finally gave the explanation after 31 years.

Others too have tried answering gullibly to the riddle, the best being, “because Poe wrote on both”.


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