Recruitment vs. Selection

Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection are terms that are related with the process of employment.

Recruitment involves the search of candidates who are eligible for employment and also the process of making them interested to apply for the related jobs. The purpose of recruitment lies in the creation of a kind of talent pool from which the best can be handpicked for the various responsibilities in an organization.

Selection is all about the steps like screening and interviewing that are used to make a choice for the proper candidate for the relevant job. The purpose of selection is about the making the choice of the right candidate for the right set of responsibilities that is available in the organization for which the talent pool was created.

The process of recruitment is accompanied by a positive sensation. There is always optimism involved in the phase of recruitment. . Recruitment means the recognition of the talents of the candidates and is all about the process of conduction of the tests, interviews and group discussions etc.

Selection process directly deals with the final list of shortlisted candidates after the interview and final tests. Thus the job of selection is more challenging and innovative when compared to recruiting. Unlike the process of recruitment selection procedure ends in a kind of contract between the selected candidates and the organization. The contract is a set of rules that both the parties have to follow.  Unlike recruitment the process of selection has a negative vibe all along due to the fact that candidates who are not suitable according to the needs of the organization are rejected at the end of the interviews or tests.

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