Red Quinoa vs. White Quinoa

Difference Between Red Quinoa and White Quinoa

Red quinoa and White quinoa are both seeds of the quinoa plant. Every part of this plant is used in making food. Apart from the seeds which are used as a grain, the leaves are also eaten. They show some differences between them in terms of their composition and texture.

Both of the seeds have a great nutritional value. While both Red quinoa and White quinoa are said to be rich in proteins, Red Quinoa is a source of vitamin E and calcium and white quinoa is rich in vitamin B and phosphorous. Both Red quinoa and White quinoa have a bitter taste that should be removed properly before cooking. Generally people who are in charge of processing take care of the fact. Red quinoa seeds are used in making salads while White quinoa seeds the other hand are used while preparing cooked food items. When cooked properly, Red quinoa is crunchier and chewier than the white quinoa. Well cooked white quinoa has white rice like appearance. Whereas as red quinoa appears like lentils of red color it takes an appearance of brown rice when cooked well.

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