Refugee vs. Asylum Seeker

Difference Between Refugee and Asylum Seeker

The understood in a similar way there are differences between refugee and asylum.

A person who is willing to ignore the protection and shelter that is offered by his country and leaves the country that indicates his nationality for fear of political, racial, religious or other harassment and persecution is termed as a refugee. A refugee is not willing to accept the security that offered by his own country where he finds himself insecure due to the fear of harassment or danger for various reasons. Refugees are legitimate groups who leave their country looking for asylum in neighboring countries. Trend shows that they do not go too far from their own country. According to the refugee law a refugee takes refuge in a foreign land for the fear of war and violence also. Interestingly a refugee is regarded as an asylum seeker till he is gets sanction and gets a place granted in the asylum. According to the political beliefs countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, Sudan, Sri Lanka and the Palestinian territories are the largest sources of refugees.

However the place that is meant to provide security for the refugees is called asylum. It’s a place of refuge and protection where many unscrupulous people like criminals and debtors seek shelter. These people cannot be forcibly taken from an asylum without profanity. This is convincing evidence that an asylum is a place of security and retreat. An asylum is a place meant for the protection or relief of some needy, adverse or distressed people.

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