Religion vs. Ideology

Difference Between Religion and Ideology

Ideology and Religion are two terms that are often confused to be one and the same because of the closeness in their connotations and concepts. Religion is made up of belief in some super natural controlling power especially in the form of God or gods that are meant to beworshipped (Defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary). This means that religion is the branch of knowledge that deals with the methodology of worship and praise of God.

On the other hand deals with the ideology system of ideas at the basis of economic theory and policy. For instance does the Marxist ideology system of ideas at the basis of political theory. In other words we can say that the ideology was based in economics or politics. This is the major dissimilarity between religion and ideology.

Religion is all about customs and protocol of a meticulous community of people as regards their belief in superhuman powers. In contrast, ideology does not deal with the customs and manners of a social group in terms of superhuman powers or deity. It is more political in nature and principles.

Religion has nothing to do with politics as Ideology has a lot to do with politics. It is also a central distinction between religion and ideology. Religion has to pursue the essential texts, while the ideology of the primary concepts and principles to pursue.

Religion often develops founder and religious heads. On the other hand the ideology comes from political leaders as well as thinkers of economy. Views and beliefs are the basis of any religion. On the other hand the ideology is based on truth and evidence. Religion does not need proof to prove religious truths and is based mostly on conclusions that are logical. No room remains for rational conclusions in the ideology. These are imperative differences between religion and ideology.





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  • Dislike.

    Dislike. Poorly written, poorly informed. Religion has nothing to do with politics? What about Latin American liberation theology? Religion is all about customs? How would you describe the British custom of wearing a poppy on remembrance sunday? Is that religious?

  • CascaRufio

    Poorly written and thought out. Religion (Religious ideology) is just a type of
    ideology. Attempting to define other forms on the basis of truth, or ability to prove, and somehow elevate them uses circular logic. “Proof” is accomplished based on a set of concepts agreed upon by the target audience to be true. The base concepts can never be proven, but are only more likely to be accepted based on individual interpretations of
    observables and the ability of the presenter to convey his interpretation of those observables.

    It is not even possible to prove that the entire existence as we know it is not some virtual simulation created by some external beings for their entertainment.