Remote Desktop vs.VNC

Difference Between Remote Desktop and VNC

Remote Desktop, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) are two of popular applications with graphical user interface for sharing. Two of them can be used to link you to another computer with hindsight and achieve the office, given, applications and even control it being in the hindsight. Remote Desktop works on Windows operating system and VNC is independent of the platform.

What Remote Desktop?

As mentioned above, Remote Desktop is an application for customer using Windows and which uses Remote Desktop Services as his subjacent technology. Remote Desktop Services is a component of the operating system Windows, which allows a user to achieve data and applications on another computer on network easily. Remote Desktop Services uses the protocol Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and was introduced into Windows NT 4.0 (as Terminal Services). Remote Desktop can be used to link you to another computer with hindsight, and achieve the office, given, applications and even control the applications. Nevertheless, Remote Desktop is not available on all versions of Windows. Certain versions of Windows which include Remote Desktop Professional include Windows XP, the three versions of Windows Vista and Final Windows NT Server, and all the versions launched after these operating system. Remote office in customer application allows only single user to be connected at the same time, whereas the remote desktop on server has no such restrictions.

What VNC?

VNC is an application of distribution of office, which gives a graphic interface to the user to control another computer by using RFB (distant frame buffer) of the protocol. VNC application is used by connecting two computers and then sending information over the connected computer over the network. CUSTOMER VNC and other installation and user working on different operating systems can work freely as VNC is independent of the platform. Visualiseurs VNC / waiters are available for several operating systems. A waiter VNC can receive several customers VNC at the same time. VNC is especially used by companies to access a computer which is located in home and trouble shoot the problem easily.

What is difference between Remote Desktop VNC?

Although Remote Desktop, VNC are two of the most popular applications for remote accessing the computer, they have their main differences. Remote Desktop is available only under Windows, while VNC is available on several operating systems. Nevertheless, VNC is not as quick as Remote Desktop. If Internet connection is rather quick, Remote Desktop can be also fast with the help of a local machine. VNC just transmits the raw data in the form of pixels and it is pixel based. But, Remote Desktop Protocol has the ability to send primitive graphs (and who understands the subjacent layout of styles of drawing better). In short, RDP is accustomed with the controls and what information is sent on controls whereas in VNC real pictures across networks are sent. Owing to this difference, VNC is comparatively less efficient than Remote Desktop, as Remote Desktop is able of compressing the flux of data in a significant way. But on the other hand, VNC is very flexible and almost any type of office. VNC is also better for the technical support because that allows the distribution of a session on the target machine directly with graphical interface.




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