Renaissance Vs. Middle-ages

Difference Between Renaissance and Middle-Ages

“Renaissance” literally means “enlightenment” or “rebirth”. It was a cultural movement in Europe between 14 and 16 century. The Middle Ages was a period between 5 and 16 century. If compared, both times were quite different.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that involves a renewal of learning, development of infrastructure and gradual reform of education. Renaissance can be seen as a bridge between medieval and modern times.

An important difference between the Renaissance and Middle Ages, is technique. The artists of the Renaissance followed the traditional form of art. They described the human beauty as well as religious majority. The Gothic architecture contained pointed arches and vaults. The representation involved the work of timber and gems.

Another point of comparison between the Renaissance and Middle Ages is basically literature. The development of printing was the most successful cultural renaissance. This encouraged the authors to write the local language. Authors generally change the dialect of the Greek and Latin. The literature in this age group reached new heights in the form of Elizabethan literature. The literature has also a representation of man, called humanism. In the Middle Ages the English literature met a dark stage. The languages ​​of the time was Latin and Greek.

The power of the church was at peak in middle ages. The church had a strong influence in the lives of individuals. The people followed the laws of the Church as the Church was considered to come directly from God. Over time, many services into the system, which led to its demise. Before the Renaissance, the Roman Catholic Church the only universal institution in Europe. The age of the Renaissance was ideal of humanism. This period had a major influence on modern theology

Summary :.

1. The Middle Ages was a period between 5 and 16 century. Renaissance is the period between    14 and 16 century.

2. Printing was used in the Renaissance, while the parchment was used in medieval times.

3 In Renaissance, humanism Age was portrayed in art, while the Gothic art was common in medieval times.

4. Local English language was used in the literature of the age of the Renaissance, while the Greek and Latin were used in medieval times.

5. The Church has had a major role in people’s lives in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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