Republican vs. Democrat

Difference between Republican and Democrat

As far as the political views and approach is concerned, a Democrat and a Republican has a hell and heaven difference between themselves. All that a Republican’s orthodox thinking mind wants is a large federal government, with all the power with it, an idea, which a liberal minded Democrat totally opposes.


A Democrat supports equality among people of all cast, creed and religion, and is also of the view that the schemes that the government release, every now and then, should benefit one and all, equally. According to his beliefs and principles the Federal Government should have the entire power and responsibility to maintain equality among the people. A Democrat believes that the Government should be involved in all the matters of the people and his approach is pro-choice in nature. While a democrat supports the decrease in the budget of the defence system, he also supports all the programmes that are sponsored by the Government.

However a Republican is a believer of economic equality for all the people of all caste and creed and according to him all the problems, no matter how grave it is should be the responsibility of the people, not the Government. While a Republican does not support any Government sponsored programme, he does support the idea that all the decision making activities should take place at the state level and that the people should be involved. He also supports social policies that favour the state. Unlike the Democrats the Republicans want a healthy increase in the budget of the defence system.


  • Alex

    Dude you got it all wrong. Republicans believe in a small federal government so the independent states have power. Democrats believe in a large federal government that makes all the decisions for the people, whether they like it or not.