Right Politics vs. Left Politics

Difference Between Right Politics And Left Politics

In modern Western countries, the political spectrum is generally defined in terms of left and right axis. Extreme right political groups are conservative and theocratic. They put emphasis on nationalism and fascism. On the other hand, extreme leftist advocate socialism, social democracy, liberalism and communism.

Right Politics

Historically, right political groups include groups such as liberals, nationalists and monarchists, and even fascist movements.

In the modern world, we include in right politics such movements and parties that support the idea of ​​free market capitalism and forms of economic nationalism.

The right-wing political thought is based on the idea that men are not equal and have no equal rights. They lay emphasis on the differences that define the balance of power between individuals.

Left Politics

Left politics was inspired initially by the French Revolution. Karl Marx has the biggest influence on the leftist thought. Egalitarianism is the fundamental concept of left politics.

The movements of the left support the modern working class and the redistribution of resources in order to create a society that puts all its members in a situation of parity.

If the right-wing political movements have inherent support for the noble and ecclesiastical order, left-wing political movements are moving toward participatory democracy and anti-clericalism.


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