RN (Registered Nurses) vs. NP (Nurse Practitioners)

Difference Between RN (Registered Nurses) and NP (Nurse Practitioners)

RN means Registered Nurses and they are professionals in the domain of healthcare professionals. They are qualified in nursing. The necessary qualification for RN is a degree in Bachelor of Science in nursing of a 2 – 4 year span. RNs are generally placed in the domain of health promotion, infection control and patient health care organizations. A RN is usually hired to look after patient care organizations in different offices, community centers, educational institutes. A RN is never allowed to work independently and does not have the right to prescribe medicines to patients. They generally look for employment in the different health care organizations.

However NP means Nurse Practitioners and they are registered nurses who have the responsibility of treating clinical problems. NPs have a degree qualification and then they undergo two years of Nurse Practitioner training program. The NPs generally find employment in areas that are related to elder care, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics etc. They are specialized in performing X-rays and other physical diagnosis of patients and preparation of medical histories of patients’ as well. Unlike RNs a NP has the license to diagnose diseases and to prescribe medications. They can or cannot work under supervision. The most vital difference between RNs and NPs is that NPs can be employed independently.