Rock Music vs. Classical Music

Difference between Rock music and Classical music

Rock and classical music are considered to be two faces of the same coin. A pop music genre, Rock originated in 1940-50s.  It is a mix of R&B, black music and other genres and is a loud style of music which focuses on powerful singers and loud drum and guitars. Today there are many popular bands and you know so many artists but the popularity of Elvis Presley is unmatched.

Classical music has always been associated with the affluent classes and is considered to be a style which originated in West. This style needs complete mastery and a full orchestra for its presentation. Classical music needs lot of practice, time, effort and determination to gain perfection.

There are many more differences between Rock music and classical music. Here are some of the differences:

  • You can listen to the Rock music almost anywhere but Classical music is usually heard at formal presentations and gathering.
  • Rock music can easily be played by a small group or even solo but classical music needs a big orchestra.
  • Rock songs are short and they are usually loud and fast while classical pieces are lengthy, slow paced and very soothing.
  • Rock music is more casual while classical music is presented very formally.