Rocks vs. Stones

Difference between rocks and stones

Rock is defined as a hard or soft natural material which consists of one or more than one minerals but in simple terms we can understand it as a hard material of Earth’s crust. It is usually exposed but can also lie under the layers of soil. A stone is a small part of a rock which is a non-metallic matter composed of minerals.

You can see the projection of rocks in the form of rifts, cliffs or hills and one good example can be the Rock of Gibraltar. To understand the difference between rock and stone you can take a look at the following points:

  • Stones are hard while rocks can be soft or hard.
  • Rock is large and heavy enough and cannot be lifted while stones can easily be pelted or lifted as they are small and light.  One rock is made of several stones.
  • You can move stones from one place to other while rocks cannot be moved and probably this is the reason why rock is used in common language as a substitute of something which is firm and hard to influence.

Rock and stone are two different things although in some countries these words are used interchangeably. Stone is just a component of the rock.


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