Rural vs. Urban

Difference between rural and urban

The words rural and urban are used for denoting different type of human settlements. To understand in broad terms we can say that towns and cities are urban areas while villages and hamlets are rural areas. We are familiar with the words like city, town village and hamlet and use of these words presents a clearer picture of rural and urban areas.

Here are some of the main differences between rural and urban areas:

  • Urban areas see a rapid growth in the population and density of manmade structures while rural areas are closer to nature.
  • In the urban areas all the natural resources are used at a greater pace and the process of urbanization leads to growth of agencies of social and economic growth. The rate of growth and development is high in urban areas whereas rural areas lack even the basic amenities like hospitals, schools, water supply, electricity etc.
  • Urban areas are more populated because of the employment opportunities, facilities for a good life and availability of basic amenities.
  • Urban areas have higher level of pollution and traffic while rural areas are quiet, peaceful and cleaner.
  • Rural areas are more dependent on nature while you can see increased role of human activities, science and technology in the urban areas..