Samsung BD-C7900 vs. Sony BDP-S770 Blu-ray 3D Player

Difference Between Samsung BD-C7900 Blu-ray 3D Player and Sony BDP-S770 Blu-ray 3D Player

With such tough competition in the market it has become really very difficult to find out the best especially in the market of consumer goods like TV and music players. If you are thinking o bying a good #D player then you must have come across the two latest models, Samsung BD-C7900 and Sony-BDP-S770.

Samsung BD-C7900 is advanced version of BD-C6800 and offers amazing 3D experience. You can get internet at TV by connecting it to LAN although it also has Wi-Fi adapter and this feature is common between Sony BDP-S770 and Samsung BD-C7900. It is loaded with applications and you can enjoy these applications with the older television as well. There are applications for movies games, lifestyle etc. Some of the popular apps that you can find in it are Blockbuster, YouTube, Coffin, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Napster etc.

Sony BDP-S770 is also packed with similar apps and features. You can access internet and Bravia internet video can be used for accessing On-demand video on your TV. You can control this player by remote control application. This means that if you have an ipod or iphone then you can use them as remote control for Sony BDP-S770. You can easily access Blip TV, YouTube and many more sites very easily. This model is designed to look stylish and has full HD Blu-ray playback just like Samsung BD-C7900.