Samurai vs. Ninja

Difference between a Samurai and a Ninja

Samurai and Ninja are two fascinating characters from Japanese culture who have added glory to it. You can find enough animation films and stories on these two characters. Although both were warriors but there are lot of differences between them. To help you in understanding the differences between them here is a list of differences summarized and enlisted:

  1. Ninjas were a kind of private band of soldiers from the lower class of ancient society in Japan while Samurais belonged to noble class.
  2. Ninjas wore tight clothes and remained fully clad while Samurais wore kimonos or the complete war gear.
  3. Ninjas wore war gear of black colors while Samurais wore colored war gears.
  4. Ninjas followed unorthodox code of war ethics which showed assassination and infiltration while Samurais followed bushido ethics of war which showed honor.
  5. Ninjas fought for money and did not show loyalty towards anyone in particular while Samurais fought for the rulers or the emperors.