Sauce vs. Ketchup

Difference Between Sauce and Ketchup

Sauce and ketchup are both stuffs that can be used to enhance the taste of food. Sauce and ketchup are very important in cooking and after preparation. They add flavor and spice to the dish, which makes it more appetizing.

Ketchup is a sweet & sour kind of food stuff basically made from vinegar, sugar or tomatoes and a mixture of veggie seasoning and spices like cloves, cinnamon, garlic, onions and celery. This is commonly used along with hamburgers, fries, sandwiches, fried or grilled meat. Ketchup is a specific type of sauce. Ketchup can also be used as a base for another kind of sauce. They are usually bought in bottles and are ready-made and don’t contain any solid elements.

Sauce is a French term originating from the Latin word salsus (salted) which refers to a semi-solid or liquid food stuff that is served or used in preparing dishes. They add moisture and a visual appeal to the dish. Most sauces need liquids in their ingredients. However, there are a few that contain lots of solids ingredients as well.

Sauce is a universal word which can represent spaghetti sauce, steak sauce or BBQ sauce. It can be ready made like soy sauce or can be freshly prepared through cooking.