Science vs. Technology

Difference Between Science and Technology

Observing the manners of the basic and unpretentious world with experimentations and gaining some methodical knowledge out of it, is what science is all about. Technology comes under this knowledge. Although science and technology are similar in one aspect, there is dissimilarity in other aspects between them. In fact technology itself is an aspect of science and they both differ in their definitions.

The end result of science is conclusion or inference. This conclusion is attained through a great deal of orderly steps taken over the knowledge collected. On the other side, technology also involves tools apart from knowledge for its analysis. It is an applied science in every sense.

Fields and aspects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Bio-technology come under science. But when it comes to advancement of tools and application of radiation, technology is the case. Therefore, only after having gained knowledge about the science of radiation, the professional then comes to the study of technology of radiation.

Technological advancements are possible only through the application of the fields of science. If science aims on the assessment, then technology aims at the creation of a design. Science is theoretical while technology looks onto the practical aspect. Only if technology advances can science become advanced. Science involves the study and research whereas technology involves discovery, creation and fabrication of tools.


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