Sore Throat vs Strep Throat

The difference between Sore Throat and Strep Throat I guess everyone in this world had an experience having pain on the throat or loss of voice for a couple of days. We tend to call it Sore throat but sometimes it is also called Strep throat. So which is which? Sore Throat A sore throat […]

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Natural Gas vs Propane

The difference between Natural Gas and Propane Although there are still some people who are mostly uncivilized that use charcoal or wood as their main fuel in cooking, the majority nowadays are gases. Two of the most popular ones are the Natural Gas or Propane. They dissipate into the air since they are both gases. […]

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Wind Power vs Solar Power

The difference between Wind Power and Solar Power We should all be conscious about the world we are living in. The earth goes warmer day by day due to the damage the ozone layer receives. There are a lot of reasons on what causes this, one of those is the pollution that coal emits when […]

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Still Water vs. Sparkling Water

Difference Between Still Water And Sparkling Water Still water is plain water. It has no added carbon dioxide like the sparkling water. On the other hand sparkling water is characterized by bubbles which are due to the presense of carbon dioxide in it. Natural mineral water is commonly called still or plain water because there […]

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Pollination vs. Fertilization

Difference Between Pollination And Fertilization Pollination Pollination, in flowering plants, is the process where pollen is transferred from anther to stigma of the same or another flower. In gymnosperms, the other major group of seed plants, pollination typically carries pollen from a male cone to a female cone. Pollen is transported by a variety of […]

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Velocity Vs. Acceleration

Difference Between Velocity and Acceleration Velocity Velocity is the distance an object travels in a specified direction during a unit of time. Velocity thus differs from speed, for which the direction is unspecified. Because velocity is a vector quantity (, it has two components: a magnitude, or speed of motion, and a direction of motion. […]

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Galaxy Vs. Milky Way

Difference Between Galaxies and Milky Way Galaxy Galaxies are immense collections of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity. They are present throughout the known universe. In fact, they are considered the building blocks of the universe. Individual galaxies occur in groups called galaxy clusters, which clump together to form superclusters. And superclusters link […]

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Galaxy Vs. Constellation

Difference Between Galaxy and Constellation Galaxy Galaxy, a large star system that contains millions or billions of stars. A total of approximately 500 million galaxies is estimated to be within reach of the largest reflecting telescopes, which can probe to a distance of at least 5 billion light-years. The faintly glimmering band of the Milky […]

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Coal Vs. Petroleum

Difference Between Coal and Petroleum Coal Coal, one of humankind’s primary energy sources derived from vegetable matter. The original decaying vegetation has been subjected to pressure and heat over long periods of time, this alters its chemical and physical characteristics. Because the final product may have a variety of chemical compositions, coal is classified as […]

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Coal Vs. Coke

Difference Between Coal and Coke Coal Coal, a rock derived from wood and other plant tissues that flourished several hundred million years ago. Apparently the plants partially decayed and then were covered, preserved, and ultimately compacted by the other sediments that were deposited upon them. Although coals are sometimes described as forms of carbon, this […]

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