Scientific Knowledge vs. Technical Knowledge

Difference Between Scientific Knowledge And Technical Knowledge

The collection of facts, as one collects postage stamps or coins, does not constitute science. In order to have science, the facts must be fitted into a definite system, in accordance with a classification on the basis of what we call laws. It is a prerequisite for the existence of any science whatever that we admit that nature is subject to uniformity, that is, that similar circumstances of similar things will be followed by similar results. The belief that the order of nature is reasonable, that is, that there is a correspondence between her ways and our thoughts, and that this correspondence can be found out, is scientific faith. The method of the inductive sciences, those that concern the facts of nature, is first to observe a class of seemingly related facts in order to find out what they have in common.

If possible, to form some hypothesis as to their relation, then to compare the different cases with the hypothesis in order to see whether it is justified. When this process has been successfully carried out, we are able to predict’ what will occur in given circumstances, although these circumstances have not occurred. This is what we mean by” discovering a law of nature, namely, finding a common property of a class of phenomena, such that under air circumstances the phenomena which will ensue, can he described. That is what constitutes the difference between scientific and technical thought. Technical know ledge enables as to deal with cases that have occurred before, while scientific knowledge enables us to deal with what has not occurred before.


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